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StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis

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For Additional Information Please Check out the Feature Article at StarCraft Legacy: http://sclegacy.com/editorials/34-general/1095-final-metamorphosisStarCraft: Final Metamorphosis is a fan animation created as tribute to the awesomeness that is StarCraft. This animation depicts several moments throughout StarCraft lore, that you may recognize from either the games or the books.Created by:Chris "Freespace" Ciocotisan - http://www.freespacefilms.net / http://www.youtube.com/freespace87Voices:Brynna CampbellPhillip SacramentoLucien Dodge - http://www.luciendodge.comEric Dieter - http://www.thundergodexpress.comDanny DeAngelisMusic:Piotr Musial - http://www.piotrmusial.comwith vocals by Valentina DobrevaCredits music:Galt Aureus - Queen of Blades - http://www.galtmusic.comSpecial thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for creating such an awesome universe, with so much potential and atmosphere.

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Автор: SCLegacy
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